Little Alchemy: How to Make Every Combination

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With over 580 available Little Alchemy combinations, they are almost as plentiful and fun to find as Pokémon. Almost. Though it bills itself as a game of trial and error, it's really an educational and interactive science lesson, at least as far as Steam, Rain, and Lava is concerned.

It can be hard trying to find every combination, though. So, to take a bit of the mystery out of it, we've gone ahead and listed every Little Alchemy combination you can imagine. That means no more watching ads just to get another little hint.


Once you're done with Little Alchemy, why not turn your knowledge of elemental reactions into a killer team of the best Genshin Impact characters? We've rounded up the best teams to clear the infamous Spiral Abyss. If you have a basic grasp of how Ice interacts with Fire, you'll be able to put that knowledge to the test.

Little Alchemy How To Make Every Combination

Little Alchemy Combination Result
Acid RainRain + Smoke OR Rain + Smog
AirplaneBird + Steel OR Bird + Meteal
Alarm ClockClock + Sound
AlcoholFruit + Time OR Juice + Time
AlgaeWater + Plant OR Sea + Plant OR Ocean + Plant
AlienLife + Space
AlleryHuman + Dust
AlligatorSwamp + Lizard OR River + Lizard
AlpacaMountain + Sheep
AmbulanceCar + Hospital OR Car + Doctor
AngelHuman + Bird
AnglerHuman + Fishing Rod
AntGrass + Wild Animal OR Wild Animal + Sugar
AntarcticaSnow + Desert OR Ice + Desert
AquariumWater + Glass OR Glass + Fish
ArchipelagoIsle + Isle
ArmadilloWild Animal + Armor
ArmorTool + Metal OR Tool + Steel
AshVolcano + Energy
AstronautHuman + Moon OR Rocket + Human OR Human + Space Station OR Human + Space
Astronaut Ice CreamIce Cream + Astronaut
WindAir + Pressure
Atomic BombEnergy + Explosion
AuroraSun + Antarctica OR Sky + Antarctica OR Antarctica + Atmosphere
AvalancheEnergy + Snow
AxeBlade + Wood
BaconPig + Fire
BacteriaSwamp + Life
BakerHuman + Flour OR Human + Bread OR Human + Dough
BakeryHouse + Baker OR House + Bread
BananaFruit + Money
Banana BreadBanana, Bread
BandageBlood + Fabric
BankHouse + Money OR House + Gold OR House + Safety
BarnCow + House OR Livestock + House OR House + Hay
BatMouse + Bird OR Mouse + Sky
BatmanBat + Human
BatterFlour + Milk
BayonetGun + Blade OR Gun + Sword
BBQCampfire + Meat OR Campfire + Garden
BeachSea + Sand OR Ocean + Sand
BeaverWild Animal + Wood OR Wild Animal + Dam
BeeFlower + Wild Animal
BeehiveBee + House OR Bee + Tree
BeerAlcohol + Wheat
BicycleWheel + Wheel
BirdAir + Life OR Life + Sky OR Egg + Air OR Egg + Sky
BirdhouseBird + House
Black HoleStar + Pressure
BladeMetal + Stone
BlenderGlass + Blade OR Blade + Electicity
BlizzardSnow + Snow OR Snow + Storm OR Snow + Wind
BloodHuman + Blade
BlueprintEngineer + Paper
BoatWood + Water
BoilerSteal + Metal
BoneCorpse + Time
Bonsai TreeTree + Pottery OR Tree + Scissors
BookPaper + Wood OR Paper + Story
BreadDough + Fire
BrickClay + Fire OR Mud + Fire OR Mud + Sun OR Clay + Sun
BridgeRiver + Wood OR River + Metal OR River + Steel
BroomWood + Hay
BulletGunpowder + Metal
Bulletproof VestBullet + Armor
BusCar + Car
ButcherHuman + Meat
ButterEnergy + Milk OR Milk + Pressure
ButterflyFlower + Wild Animal
CactusDesert + Plant OR Sand + Plant
CakeDough + Candle
CamelDesert + Wild Animal OR Desert + Horse OR Livestock + Desert
CampfireFire + Wood
CandleWax + Thread OR Wax + Fire
Candy CaneSugar + Christmas Tree
CannonGunpowder + Pirate Ship OR Gunpowder + Castle
CapeHero + Fabric
CarWheel + Metal
CaramelSugar + Fire
Carbon DioxideHuman + Oxygen OR Plant + Night OR Tree + Night
CarrotSnowman + Vegetable OR Sun + Snowman
CartWheel + Wood
CashmereTool + Mountain Goat
CastleHouse + Knight
CatWild Animal + Milk
CatnipCat + Plant
CuldronMetal + Witch
CavierHard Roe + Human
CantaurHorse + Human
CerealWheat + Milk
ChainMetal + Rope
ChainsawAxe + Electricity
ChameleonLizard + Rainbow
CharcoalFire + Wood
CheeseTime + Milk
CheeseburgerCheese + Hamburger

Due to the sheer number of Little Alchemy combinations that are possible after years of updates, we can't include them all in one massive table. Not just yet, anyway. We'll be adding more as time goes on, but right now, you can follow along through the alphabet of Little Alchemy combinations up to C.


It may not sound like much, but there are dozens upon dozens of combinations in there already, with literally hundreds more left to add, discover, and uncover new recipes for. Most elements listed include multiple recipe combinations, but only the first successful one will unlock the element in your encyclopedia.

If you don't have the elements on hand for one, try another recipe. And if you can't complete any recipe for a single element, use the search bar to find out how to make the missing element, or come back when we've added more.

Obsidian is one of the secret Final Elements in Little Alchemy.

What Are the Little Alchemy Final Elements and Combinations?

Final Element Recipe
Obsidian Earth + Fire THEN Lava + Water

Final Elements in Little Alchemy are those that can't be combined with any other. Obsidian is an early example of these, but there are plenty of others you can find by mercilessly mixing the elements. We have the recipe for that up above, but we'll add the rest in due course.


Is Little Alchemy 2 the Same as Little Alchemy?

For the most part, Little Alchemy 2 is the same game as the original Little Alchemy. While you can play both on smartphones, the original is also available as a web browser game as well. That's why you'll see it used in schools.

The realistic Little Alchemy combinations are still there: Volcano, Mist, Gyser, etc, but Little Alchemy 2 wraps all that and more into a graphically pleasing and modern-feeling package. If you have the choice, Little Alchemy 2 is the no-brainer, but the core experience is still present in the first game as well.

Until the day comes that our Little Alchemy combinations guide is complete, consider checking out some similarly educational games. Roblox titles like Pet Swarm Simulator and Bee Swarm Simulator can teach you all about how the world's fuzzy critters play an integral part in its past, present, and future. It's fascinating stuff.