Little Alchemy Cheats - Every Secret Recipe

April 12, 2022: We checked for some new Little Alchemy cheats but didn't find any.

Relying on Little Alchemy cheats may go against the point of the game, but you can't reasonably be expected to discover every recipe through nothing but book smarts and trial and error. When there are over 580 elements to unlock by combining just two of them together, progression starts slow and quickly fans out like a great tree with many tall and forking branches.

Little Alchemy cheats can simplify the process of completing the game, but they can't do the work for you. All they can offer is the recipe for a particular combination. Once revealed, you'll need to connect the two elements yourself. Don't have them to hand? Then Little Alchemy cheats are not what you need right now. Keep experimenting.

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What Are Some Little Alchemy Cheats?

Keyboard Cat
Cat + Music
Lake + Story
Ninja Turtle
Ninja + Turtle
The One Ring
Volcano + Ring
Astronaut Ice Cream
Astronaut + Ice Cream
Mountain + Story OR Mountain Range + Story
Time + Space
The Doctor
Tardis + Doctor
Dog + Computer OR Dog + Internet

As an interchangeable term for combinations, we're going to leave the master list of those to our massive Little Alchemy combinations guide. In the true spirit of cheats, though, we're going to let you into a little secret (or nine).

Little Alchemy cheats can, in this case, refer to the game's "hidden" elements. These are typically far from the naturally occurring products made by joining two scientific elements together, like using water and fire to get steam.

Instead, these are more like easter eggs: silly little pop-culture references, memes, or fun items made by combining their two main components. You'll still need to unlock a bunch of the required elements to make them, but they're about as close to Little Alchemy cheats as you're going to get, purely because they don't show up in the encyclopedia until you discover them. They're invisible. Usually.

How Can I Get More Little Alchemy Cheats?

Again, Little Alchemy cheats simply refer to the recipe used to unlock an element. They're not cheats like 'Unlock All Recipes' or 'Unlock X Element.' You can view them all in the guide linked above.

But if you would rather get one Little Alchemy cheat as and when you want one, just visit the official Little Alchemy website. This page will dispense one cheat at a time. It's enough to give you a simple nudge in the right direction without spoiling the whole thing in one fell swoop. Everyone needs a little bit of help every now and again, and the hint page over there can offer just that.

You can access a version of it in-game as well. Just open up the main menu and look for the hint section. You may need to watch an ad to unlock a hint, and while that can be a pain, it could be viewed as another subtle push for you to carry on experimenting with your unlocked elements before giving up and requesting a helping hand.

We know you probably weren't hoping for simple secret recipes when looking for Little Alchemy cheats today, but the fact of the matter is that anything more just doesn't exist. For actual in-game cheats, Skywalker Saga cheat codes are still a thing.

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