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A horse and its rider in a grassy field in Horse Tales.

A horse and its rider in a grassy field in Horse Tales.

From Aesir Interactive, the developers behind the Windstorm games, Horse Tales is their latest title, and has finally been released for Steam, PlayStation consoles, and the Nintendo Switch. Unlike their previous horse-based adventures, this one promises to be one of their most ambitious and colourful projects to date. As such, it's no surprise that gamers want to see some other games like Horse Tales.

Horse Tales feature a wide variety of gameplay mechanics, including an open world environment, racing events to compete with NPCs, stable management, and customisation options to create the horse and home of anyone's dreams. But for those who enjoy what it has to offer, there are plenty of other horse simulators and adventure games worth picking up that will give similar experiences.

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Games like Horse Tales

From apps for mobile to triple-A hits on the biggest consoles, those looking for more stables to operate and animal companions to own might want to check these out.

Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure

The player character scrubbing a horse in Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure
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Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC

Licensed games don't always have the best reputation out there, especially when it comes to the countless films and television shows they're based on. While mature audiences might not appreciate this game, it might be worth picking up for fans of Dreamworks' hit films and television series, Spirit.

Playing as a young rider named Lucky, she and her horse Spirit try to discover the hidden treasure buried somewhere deep under the fictional town of Miradero. However, the dastardly horse-wrangler, Hendricks, is hot on Lucky's trail, as he attempts to steal the treasure for himself.

It may not be heavy on customisation, but its cartoonish appearance and recognisable locations from the multimedia franchise will please fans, as they can play in a colourful and pleasant open-world environment. The game may be too simple and repetitive for more experienced gamers, but it's still a pleasant enough family-friendly title for less experienced players.

Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop Edition

Image of a race horse in the stables in Rival Stars Horse Racing: Desktop Edition
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While the original game can still be accessed through the App Store and Google Play, developer PikPok upgraded Rival Stars Horse Racing for PC on Steam with the Desktop Edition. However, it is far more than just a simple updated version of a mobile game.

Both versions of the game feature a plethora of modes and gameplay features. The main one is a story mode, where you can ride peacefully away from the race tracks, hiring a caretaker to help look after the stables. But the PC version exclusively allows players to play in online multiplayer, place bets, and create the horse of their dreams.

Despite a heavy focus on racing, many who enjoyed Horse Tales will undeniably find plenty of similar content available between both titles. It's even possible to take this positively-reviewed racing game on the go, as it is compatible with Steam Deck devices. Everyone can bring their stables with them!

Horse Club Adventures

The main character riding a horse to a group of friends in Horse Club Adventures
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Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC

Horse Club Adventures trotted its way over to Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles last year. Despite the vast amount of open-world games out there across all systems, it received generally favourable reviews from customers who purchased it.

With a large open world to explore filled with locations such as beaches, forests, and fields filled with vibrant colours and cheerful characters, it's a charming adventure of friendship surrounding the Lakeside Riding Stable. It may not have the most in-depth story in gaming, but that doesn't stop it from offering fun mini-games, race courses, side quests, and even achievements on most systems to complete.

However, its biggest standout is the customisation and style options available for both the rider and the horse. Featuring many hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to fit everyone's tastes, this alongside the variety of modes and activities is why it's more than worth trying out.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link riding a horse while fleeing from enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Ever since it launched alongside the then-new Nintendo Switch console back in 2017 as well as the Wii U, The Legend of Zelda series was taken in a bold new direction with Breath of the Wild. As it introduced a new open-world environment, it made many of the previous games' classic features feel fresh and new again.

While fans of the series could ride the loveable and trusty steed of Epona in Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild saw Link having to tame wild horses across Hyrule, making them his trusted allies. Being able to customise the gear for each one, as well as naming them, made each of these stallions as memorable to the player as any other character or creature in the game. How its anticipated follow-up, Tears of the Kingdom, will build upon this feature, fans will just have to wait and see.

When looking at footage or trailers for Horse Tales, it's clear to see how it was inspired by Breath of the Wild. The design of the world looks reminiscent to some key locations from Nintendo's acclaimed game, as well as how they used cel-shading to create shadows and add character to each horse. Furthermore, players will have to tame their wild steeds in a similar way. Many who own the Switch will already own Breath of the Wild, and those few who haven't and enjoyed Horse Tales should check out the award-winning adventure game.

That's it for our look at some games like Horse Tales! For even more recommendations, check out our list of games like Harvestella, as well as some games like Sonic Frontiers.

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