How to Use the Scavenger Ability in Skywalker Saga

Struggling to make sense of those Scavenger class icons dotted around places like Tatooine? You'll need to know how to use the Scavenger ability in Skywalker Saga to break those walls, climb those ledges, and glide across large gaps. Here's how it's done.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga follows in the footsteps of previous Lego adventure games in that many of its characters are capable of extraordinary feats. Split across its many classes are skills you can use to uncover areas other characters cannot, creating reason to go back to planets you visited early on with characters you unlocked much later.

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How Do I Use the Scavenger Ability in Skywalker Saga?

One of the first times you'll be stumped by the Scavenger ability in Skywalker Saga is back on Tatooine. The free-roam part of Episode One includes a large tower that only a scavenger ability will help you climb. And even after switching to one to match the icon, you'll notice it change, confusing you even more.

It's not an error, though. That's just how the Scavenger ability works in Skywalker Saga. It's, in fact, three different abilities, and the game doesn't tell you how to open the Skywalker Saga Scavenger ability menu to use them.

To use a Scavenger ability in Skywalker Saga, just tap the right-most letter/shape button on your controller to open up the Scavenger ability menu.

Of course, you'll need to switch to a Scavenger class character like Chief Chirpa, Rey, Paploo, or Kuill for this to work. You'll find the full list in the character select menu - just click on the Scavenger tab to filter out the rest.

However, one thing you need to know about the Scavenger ability is that you have to unlock it first. Yes, even if you purchase a character like the Tusken Raider, you won't be able to use their abilities until you've completed the Scavenger tutorial. These brief intros explain the range of abilities, as well as how to use them. However, they only appear in Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. You'll need to have played up until the tutorial in one of those episodes before harnessing the class' abilities.

A separate menu allows you to use each Scavenger ability in Skywalker Saga.
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How to Use Scavenger Abilities

Once you're in position - like facing a breakable or climbable wall - just tap the right-most letter/shape button on your controller to bring up the Scavenger ability menu. Select the one that matches the symbol ahead of you, and fire it with your trigger button.

As for what each of these Scavenger abilities can do, here's the breakdown:

  • Blaster Breaker
    • Remember those walls with light shining through their cracks? Blow them up with the Blaster Breaker Scavenger ability.
  • Glider
    • Though a good double-jump or grapple will get you across most gaps, the Glider Scavenger ability will get you across wider ones. So long as you can get some higher ground, anyway.
  • Net Launcher
    • If you've ever spotted a strange cross-like array of poles on a wall, this is where the Net Launcher Scavenger ability comes into play. Fire a net, climb the wall, and you're done.

And that should be everything you need to know regarding how to use a Scavenger ability Skywalker Saga. Some of these will get you to data cards, which you can use to unlock cool Skywalker Saga cheat codes. If you don't unlock Pew Pew first, you're doing something wrong.

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