League of Legends Newbie Shares Wholesome Love for Game

Artwork of a League of Legends champion.

There are some games you can’t help but wish you could experience for the first time again.

Even if it’s an older game with visuals that can’t quite blow your mind anymore, there’s something about the feeling of every discovery being a fresh surprise that makes things feel special.

League of Legends has certainly seen its fair share of new players since its original 2009 release and a Reddit post by user BenjiB1243 has shown that the game very much still possesses the power to enthral fresh arrivals in 2022.

League of Legends Newbie Shares Love for Game

In the post, BenjiB1243 explained: “I’m a newer player, and I’ve gotta say, I haven’t had so much fun with a game in YEARS. This game has revived my passion for gaming and I’m glad that it hasn’t sucked me in for any money or anything yet (not that it won't), the twitch capsules pretty much cover my need for skins.”

They also added: “I haven’t been doing something else and thought about playing a game as much as I have this game.”

The post got a response from Riot Games co-founder and President of Games Marc 'Tryndamere' Merrill, who replied: “Welcome! Love to hear it!”

A few users replied anticipating negative responses from other members of the League of Legends subreddit, which, like pretty much any gaming subreddit, can be dominated by experienced players whose posts can trend towards the negative elements of the game, such as issues that may need fixing.

However, these responses seemingly never arrived, with the vast majority of other users sharing in BenjiB1243’s love of league.

User IvyClora went so far as to share their disdain for those who put people down for playing League, saying: “Whenever I mention I'm playing League to people in discord they always have a response like, ‘ew’ or ‘I'm sorry’. I actually have fun with the game hun, I'm not torturing myself because I'm knee deep in a sunk cost fallacy.”

Some other users shared helpful advice on how to avoid spending too much money on skins.

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