Riot Reveals New League of Legends Animated Series Clip

Riot Games has unveiled a short clip of the upcoming League of Legends animated series called ‘Arcane.’

Riot Games’ Reveal

The clip was released by Riot Games on their official Weibo account (seen on Reddit) wherein it showed some of the characters of the upcoming animated series.

As seen on the video, younger versions of champions like Vi and Jinx were seen. They were talking about their experiences in the city of Piltover, primarily their childhood memories.

Arcane Release Date

But even with the clip being released online by Riot which followed another clip released last June featuring Vi and Jinx in their older selves, the game devs are still quiet about the release date of Arcane.

Although since they are now releasing more content about the animated series, fans may expect that it should be just around the corner, and it might be in the very near future.

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