Riot Games Announces League of Legends Arcane Soundtracks Ahead Of Release

League of Legends Arcane's first episode is scheduled to release hours after the grand final of Worlds 2021. To create additional hype for the upcoming Netflix Animated Series, Riot Games recently announced the line-up of artists and soundtracks that will be featured in the show.

Needless to say, with the recent launch of Riot Games Music, the creators have managed to sign a bunch of renowned musicians and bands to be featured in Arcane.

This picture depicts the official cover of League Of Legends Arcane Soundtracks
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Credit: Image via Riot Games
The official cover of LOL Arcane Soundtracks

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the featured music in LOL Arcane.

Imagine Dragons, Pusha T, and More in LOL Arcane

Based on the official release from Riot Games, Arcane will feature a total of 11 different soundtracks, released in accordance with all the episodes. Here's a list of all the soundtracks alongwith the date on which they will become available on all music streaming platforms,

November 7th

  • Playground - feat. Bea Miller
  • Our Love - feat. Curtis Harding, Jazmine Sullivan
  • Goodbye - feat. Ramsey

November 14th

  • Dirty Little Animals - feat. Bones UK
  • Enemy - feat. Imagine Dragons & JID
  • Guns For Hire - feat. Woodkid

November 21st

  • Misfit Toys - feat. Pusha T, Mako
  • Dynasties and Dystopia - feat. Denzel Curry, Gizzle, Bren Joy
  • Snakes - feat. Pvris, Miyavi
  • When Everything Went Wrong - feat. Fantastic Negrito
  • What Could Have Been - Sting ft. Ray Chen

From all these songs, Imagine Dragons and JID's Enemy will be featured in the fifth episode of the Netflix animated series, Arcane.

This picture depicts the official cover of League Of Legends Arcane's Enemy Soundtrack featuring Imagine Dragons and JID.
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Credit: Image via Riot Games
Cover of Enemy featuring Imagine Dragons and JID

More News from Riot Games

Apart from these songs, Riot Games also made a few other announcements regarding Arcane as well as the aforementioned soundtracks. Here's what the creators had to say,

"The OST will be available in its entirety on 21st November and features a wide variety of artists & genres across 11 tracks. Songs will be released in three batches that will coincide with the episodic releases of Arcane."

They also added,

"Arcane has an accompanying orchestral Score and Riot will release a volume every three episodes with each containing between 10-15 orchestral selects from the episodes (3-5 songs per episode)."

Having said that, the animated series is scheduled to release on 7th November at 2 AM GMT, a matter of hours after the 2021 LOL Worlds Championship's Grand Final. Additionally, the series will primiere on Tencent Video in China and will be available on Netflix for the rest of the world.

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