Doublelift Talks About Balancing Issues in League of Legends Ahead Of Season 12

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Credit: Image via Riot Games

Former professional League of Legends player and current streamer for Team SOLOMID, Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng was recently seen talking about the current situation of League of Legends on his stream.

The veteran who has been a regular in the LOL Championship Series since 2014 spoke at length about how "delicately balanced" the game is right now.

Let's dive right in and check out what the veteran had to say about League of Legends' current situation.

Doublelift claims LOL is "Delicately Balanced"

While reading the patch notes for update 11.21, Doublelift noticed the changes being implemented for Goredrinker, arguably the most polarizing item in the game. The player stated:

"I just think that it’s really troll that they’re adding omnivamp to it,”

The veteran went on to further add,

“It already has so much vamp. I think the game has too much sustain. It’s a step in the wrong direction. If I was to sum up the problem with League right now, the game is so delicately balanced. And it’s balanced around the fact that you can die instantly, and you can camp back to full instantly."

You can check out what else the player had to see on the highlight clip embedded below.

Needless to say, the streamer spoke in detail about how heals and armors have taken over the entire meta. The LOL veteran added,

"How many times have you seen a brusier go ping-pong their HP, 0 to 100, life-steal all the way back up, you know, so much of the game is based around ridiculous amount of healing. And I feel like this is something that needs to be toned down a lot."

However, with a bunch of new items being tested for Season 12, it will be interesting to see how Riot reacts to this feedback from a notable member of the community.


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