Riot Dev Confirms Two New Items Are Being Developed Plus A Rework For The Sanguine Blade

Lead Game Designer, Jag has detailed the team's plans for new items that we can expect in the remainder of Season 11 for League of Legends.

The first new item is a tank legendary item that is similar to support items such as Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence, however, the player will bind with an enemy player instead of a friendly one.

Once the item has targeted the enemy, that champion will deal less damage to the tank player as well as, a tenacity reduction aura.

This item will help the tank deal with a fed champion from other lanes or purely help with survivability against a good 1v1 champion.

Riot Dev Confirms Two New Items Are Being Developed Plus A Rework For The Sanguine Blade

The next new item is an enchanter support legendary item, as these champions are often defenseless when caught.

This item will function similar to how Zhonya's Hourglass, however will feature more supportive stats.

There isn't too much information on this item, however, the blog post states "the new item will provide burst resistance", so instead of a pure immunity we could possibly see a heavy damage reduction ability with possible crowd control immunity.

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Finally, we will see a reworked version of the legendary Sanguine Blade item that has "an awesome solo operative fantasy", but lacks the stats to fully support the game style.

Instead of focusing on lethality, the item will now be more appealing to all AD champions who focus on side laning as their primary win condition.

The updated Sanguine Blade will no longer lose its benefit in 1vX fights, and will still be a great item to split push side lanes, taking towers defended by durable enemy champions.

We can expect to see the reworked Sanguine Blade and the new legendary tank item come together in a patch sometime this summer, while support players will need to wait a bit longer for the new defensive item to be released, which could possibly be delayed until the preseason.

You can read the full Ask Riot blog post here.

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