League of Legends Players Disappointed by Game’s Current YouTube Content

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Artwork of a legend from League of Legends.

Every big game has a thriving community of YouTube creators around it, showcasing their in-game experiences, discussing lore, or appealing to fans of that game in another way.

League of Legends is certainly no exception given its huge popularity, still holding the record among games for most concurrent viewers on a Twitch stream.

However, some users on Reddit are arguing that League content on YouTube is considerably less appealing to them now thanks to some emerging trends that have made content more homogenous.

League of Legends Redditors Disappointed by Game’s YouTube Content

User PersuasivePelican began the thread by saying that they used to watch a lot of League content but find that nowadays “it’s all the same garbage” and describing the average video thumbnail as containing: “drop shadow yellow, bold text 54, THIS IS INSANE, names are off so you can't look up them playing on their 4th smurf account telling you that AP vayne is really busted if you go 30/0.”

User FatherVern added having a red arrow in the thumbnail to the list of off-putting trends, saying that their strategy is not to click on any videos where that’s the case.

Another user, gkantelis1, gave an in-depth and beat-by-beat rundown of what they believe to be the unsatisfying videos in question, identifying several other phenomena, including the prioritising of sponsorships, aggressively encouraging people to subscribe, and aiming specifically to make videos ten minutes in length.

Other users were more positive, shouting out content creators that they still enjoy today, such as user WaffleStompBeatdown, who revealed: “PekinWoof is my favourite content creator for League. He is pretty laid back, takes time to explain things without being condescending, and doesn't get all worked up when something bad happens.

There was some sympathy shown for the issues affecting content creators on platforms like YouTube, which could be responsible for some of these trends, as illustrated by user UltraScept outlining the needs of creators to satisfy algorithms in order to earn enough money to make their videos worth it.

This observation seemed to soften PersuasivePelican’s view somewhat, as they edited their original post to acknowledge: “A lot of you are saying it's more of a cost vs reward thing and while that is a really good point I'm going to still be sad.”

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