League of Legends Player Argues Fixing MMR Is Impossible Nowadays

Artwork of a League of Legends champion.

Skill balancing in any multiplayer game is a fine art. After all, things quickly get no fun if one team is running away with this or one player has everyone’s number to a comical scale.

League of Legends is arguably one of the online games in which the shuffling around of things based on skill level is more important than most, with the game’s matchmaking ratings deciding how players rank up and being unique to each game mode, in addition to deciding who’ll face whom.

In fact, MMRs are so important in League that one player has taken to Reddit to argue their case, which is that fixing your MMR is harder now than it has been at any other point in the game’s lifespan.

League of Legends Player Argues Fixing MMR Is Impossible

User Krookz_ explained their point by outlining how things used to be, giving the example that if they won 10 to 15 games in a row a few years ago, over time their MMR would change to reflect this and they’d get more points per win.

They continued: “Nowadays it feels like where your MMR puts you, you stay no matter how well you do. I went on a 15 game streak and my gains are exactly the same even after waiting some time(days).”

Krookz_ also added that they don’t just want to resort to creating a new account in order to get a new rating, saying it “feels like cheating and I’ve been on my account for years”.

The replies to this post saw many other players reveal their MMR woes, with user Asctkd saying: “The system does the opposite of what it’s supposed to. It rewards/punishes based on a single lucky/unlucky streak instead of overall performance across the entire season”.

User Pl1xpl0x shared a similar experience, saying: “After reaching p1, my losses skyrocketed and my gains got way smaller. I shouldn't be punished for playing consistently good and climbing. Really took away my motivation for ranked tbh.”

Another user, RDKi, linked this to wider matchmaking issues, saying: “I also question why you don't get put with 9 better players if you go on win streaks but instead get worse teammates to 'carry' in order to prove yourself. It comes across as counterproductive to learning, improving and ranking up.”

The problems also seem to be affecting some newer players, with user GoodGevalia outlining the struggles experienced by streamer itmeJP, who’s new to the game: “It's been super fun watching one of my favourite streamers learn the game but you can tell the LP system is warping his opinion of the game. Doesn't matter how much he wins, it seems stuck.”

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