League of Legends: Wild Rift Yordle Expansion: Release Date, Champions, Daily Tasks, Trailer and Everything We Know

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League of Legends: Wild Rift is adding fan favourite Yordle characters as part of a January event.

Alongside five new champions, players can expect updated quests and daily challenges and rewards.

Here's all we know.

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League of Legends: Wild Rift - Yordle Expedition

Release Date:

The expansion lands on January 9th at midnight UTC, and will run until January 29th at the same time.


The following characters are joining Wild Rift's roster,

  • Teemo
  • Lulu
  • Corki
  • Tristana
  • Kennen


Check out the event trailer below:

You can also enjoy this fun look at the Yordles.

Daily Tasks and Region Rewards

Daily tasks will offer players 20 steps and 90 Blue Motes, with examples being "Get 10 Kills", "Cast Your Ultimate 15 Times" and more.

Unlike standard daily quests, these will replace existing quests even if you've made progress – so log in daily.

These steps will help players traverse the regions of Runeterra and earn new rewards.

Each region has its own quest, too, with 100 Steps and 25 Poro Coins up for grabs. You can only embark on one region quest at a time.


Kill 7 dragons with your teamORWin 2 games with a Demacia champion on your team


Kill 500 monsters with your teamORWin 2 games with a Freljord champion on your team


Deal 50,000 damage to enemy championsORWin 2 games with a Noxus champion on your team


Place or destroy 30 wardsORWin 2 games with an Ionian champion on your team


Collect 50,000 goldORWin 2 games with a Bilgewater champion on your team


Get 40 takedownsORWin 1 games with an Ixtal champion on your team

Piltover & Zaun

Kill 1,000 minions with your teamORWin 2 games with a Piltover/Zaun champion on your team


Destroy 35 turrets with your teamORWin 2 games with a Shurima champion on your team


Kill 5 Barons with your teamORWin 2 games with a Targon champion on your team

Step Rewards

Here's everything you can earn from collecting Steps.

  • 400 - Emote
  • 700 - 600 Blue Motes
  • 1000 - 25 Poro Coins
  • 1300 - Bauble
  • 1600 - Yordle Expedition Champion Selection Chest
  • 1850 - Yordle Expedition Pose Selection Chest
  • 2000 - Icon Border

What's Next?

Wild Rift is heading to Targon and the Shadow Isles later this year!

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