League of Legends: What Is Peeling?

League of Legends (LOL) as we all know is a team-based game of five players each wherein the main objective is to destroy the enemies’ base sitting on the far position from the map.

But apart from doing it is to notch kills first since the opposing team would definitely fight in order to protect their towers, avoiding anyone to reach their base. That is why peeling is one of the most important things a LOL player should know. Yet in any case you have no idea what it is, then we’re glad to help you understand more about it.

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What Is Peeling In League of Legends?

Peeling or peel is the act of protecting an ally, or primarily the core or carry of the team.

Since the carry (mostly Junglers or ADCs) provides the majority of the team’s firepower to kill enemies in most cases, the other allies may do everything they can in order to protect them.

This is almost the standard strategy on how to win games in LOL. It may be as easy as it sounds, but in reality, doing this is very technical and requires precision with one another.

Types of Peeling In League of Legends

The simplest way on how your team can peel in LOL is by dealing damage to enemies. It is the most common idea for every LOL player since most of the attacks in the game deal damage as the effect.

Although being aggressive in terms of damage could also be the most inefficient way to peel. Enemies that are capable of initiating or surveilling can also be able to escape effectively, as well as to reduce or negate damage and effects.

You can also peel by manipulating the champions’ stats of either team that is not centering on their health. It could be boosting or decreasing the attack damage, attack speed, movement speed, or shield.

Another way you can consider in terms of peeling is by using crowd control or knock-ups which are both useful whenever an enemy (or enemies) try to dash in and out that can provide a decent amount of damage. These can stop them from creating plays that can disrupt your overall teamwork.

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