League of Legends: How To Improve Game-Sense

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In most online competitive games, the term “game-sense” can be commonly heard.

Why? Well, you will need it most of the time – game-sense pertains to your overall technical and reflexive prowess in games. It includes map awareness, the ability to make quick decisions, accurately escaping in times of need, and many more.


And in League of Legends (LOL), improving your game-sense can really help you win games and rank up faster eventually. So, keep reading to know more about how you may do so.

How To Improve Game-Sense In League of Legends

Map Awareness

Since map awareness is one of the most important elements inclined with game-sense in LOL, you should improve it by being able to understand the map.


Having a sense of confidence or mastery in analyzing the map from time to time during games is what you need to achieve. You can do so by playing and grinding a lot of games to be familiar with it.

Also, finding the right role or position for your playstyle can really help a lot. You can try different champions especially if you are just starting to play LOL to determine which role fits you the most. By then, you can focus on that specific one wherein a proper positioning in the map would eventually follow.

Skill Mastery

Another thing you can focus on improving to level up your game-sense is to practice and as much as possible to master the skills of the champions you are using in games.


If you would be able to properly time the skills of a certain champion to pull off a possible combo or synergy with a teammate, then the chances of killing an enemy or achieving an objective in-game can go really high.

Also, you can possibly know when the skills of your enemies will be ready once again after usage. You can wait or even force them to use their skills to set up when is the right time for you and your team to strike.

Practice and Patience Is The Key

Doing all of these may still not guarantee that your game-sense will definitely be better. It will still require lots of practice and hard work to achieve decency or advanced skill-level on it, but nothing is impossible. Just like what the saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ implies, striving for improvement is very essential in League of Legends.


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