League of Legends New Player Guide: Which Role Suits Your Playstyle

League of Legends, like every other MOBA, features an intense and continuously evolving environment. Additionally, the diverse roles that every team needs to fulfill to succeed, make the game even more enticing.

Having said that, there are five varied roles in League of Legends, each of which is extremely important for the optimal functioning of a team. These five roles are:

  • ADC
  • Mid-Laner
  • Top-Laner
  • Jungler; and
  • Support

However, players who have recently started playing the game might find it a bit difficult to determine the best role that suits their playstyle. Apart from that, a player's mentality also has a massive impact on how well they can fulfill a specific role in LoL.

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Considering the various macro mechanics involved in the game, a player must be comfortable with their role. Filling a role just because no one else is willing to can often result in below satisfactory performances which can further lead to crushing defeats.

Let's dive in and see what is required for each different role in League of Legends with that in mind.

Attack-Damage-Carry (ADC)

The ADC role usually requires a calm and composed mentality. An ADC needs to ensure that they have substantial resources while continuously scaling into the late game. Additionally, polished mechanical skills are extremely important for this role as the Champion can often find themselves in adverse situations, depending on their skills to survive the ambush.

On top of everything, the player filling the ADC role should also have a good understanding of the game as well as the capabilities of his enemy champions. This is important for prioritizing enemy targets as well as knowing when to force a fight.


Definitely the most skill-reliant role in League of Legends, the mid-lane is a showoff between the two most mechanically skilled players. Given that the Mid-Laner starts with a 1v1 solo faceoff, the entire laning stage depends on their ability to outplay the opponent.

Players with extremely high focus and an eye for detail are suggested to take up the Mid-Laner role. Additionally, a deep understanding of the game, as well as its mechanics and is also a basic requirement for Mid-Laners.


The top lane is arguably the most chaotic in League of Legends. making the Top-Laner role extremely important. Considering the positioning of the Dragon, the top-lane usually remains isolated from the rest of the team.

Having said that, the Top-Laner role requires players to act as a shield for their team. Setting up ganks and saving allies from the enemy's onslaught is a key factor for the Top-Laner. With that in mind, players should draft sustainable champions who can scale into the late game stage for the top lane.


The Jungler's role in League of Legends is to get an early farm advantage from the jungle while also helping the Mid-Laner against the enemy's ambushes. Additionally, Junglers also need to be sneaky so they can set up for kills on an enemy who wanders out of position.

With that in mind, players who wish to fulfill this role need to extremely versatile with their playstyle. Despite the amount of pressure they can create in an advantageous game, Junglers are also the key to forcing comebacks for the Mid-Laner with well-timed ganks and rotations. This further means that Junglers need to have a proper understanding of positioning as well as timings in LoL.


Definitely, the most underrated role in all MOBA games, the support's role is to ensure that the ADC is getting proper farm during the laning stages. Additionally, the support is also expected to ensure a smooth laning phase by harassing enemies out of the lane.

Players who fulfill the Support role are expected to have a sacrificial mindset to not only allow their teammates to farm safely but also save them in adverse situations. Additionally, support players need an extremely calm and composed mentality to ensure that their team is keeping up with the required objectives.

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