League of Legends: What Is Omnivamp and How Does It Work?

League of Legends update 11.2 arrives next week and will be the only other patch this month.

The insanely popular MOBA is still among the top games played all over the world, as Riot is committed to enhancing the game.,

Now, a brand new ability/stat is coming to the game as apart of the big update and players may be wondering what it entails.

Here's all you need to know on the new omnivamp defensive stat! 



The brand new omnivamp is a stat that heals your player no matter the damage that is taken. 

Instead of taking the full damage from an attack, the omnivamp stat will kick in and heal you for a bit of the damage you were going to take. 

This was touched on back during the 10.23 patch notes in November.

This is what Riot had to say regarding Vamps and more specifically the omnivamp stat: 

The big change here is that life steal now counts physical damage dealt by on-hit effects-since the idea is "heal from your attacks," it's more understandable if we include the whole attack. The other note is the addition of "physical vamp," (which currently exists just on Sanguine Blade) so its sustain can apply to assassins' abilities too. If you're curious whether that means we'll eventually bring back spell vamp, the answer is "maybe!" 

OMNIVAMP Heal from all sources and types of damage (still 33% effective for AoE and pet damage) (unchanged)

Reddit user u/Antergaton has perfectly summed up this defensive stat:

Omnivamp applies on all damage. So if you cast an ability that does 100 damage, and you have 20% Omnivamp, you'll get 20hp back. This is all sources, so autos, abilities and item actives too.

Be sure to let us know what you think of this defensive stat within League of Legends. 


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