League of Legends: What Is Facechecking?

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Doing precautionary measures during a game in League of Legends is really important.

It includes the term facechecking which you might have heard off being used by someone you have played with. But in case you do not know what it means, we’re glad to help on knowing its significance to the game.


And the clue is there – more on a precautionary measure as mentioned.

Here’s everything you need to know about facechecking in League of Legends.

What Is Facechecking In League of Legends?

Facechecking is indeed one precautionary measure done by players in League of Legends.


It is the act of doing surveillance in some game areas where some enemy champions may hide or imply as their territory.

These include entering a bush, the Fog of War, or the enemy jungle. All of these are places wherein the enemy team champion may actually utilize to initiate possible surprise attacks or ganks.

So, if you hear facechecking in the game, then it should be considered as an action that must be done.

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