League of Legends: What Are Eternals?

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League Of Legends is as competitive as they come, and the game's Mastery System ties into that nicely but lacks a little bit of personality.

That's where optional League of Legends Eternals come in, which allow you to really show off your record with a character, keeping note of your best plays and moments for your favourite Champions.


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What Are League of Legends Eternals?

Eternals are optional stat-trackers that follow a particular Champion. If you're wondering how many kills you have with Garen, or how many times you've hooked an opponent with Thresh, then Eternals will showcase that.

You'll also get to upgrade your Champion's Mastery Emote and put a Player Showcase on the back of your Champion card.


How To Get League of Legends Eternals

League of Legends Eternals can be purchased individually or in a Series Pass which unlocks all of them within a set.

The initial Eternals purchase will set you back 600 RP, or you can nab the set for each season for 5850 RP.

Once you've bought one, you'll find them in your Progression tab for the Champion of your choosing.


It's also worth noting that some modes don't track Eternals. Here's what Riot's support page says:

While you can showcase your favorite Eternals on the Loading Screen and Player Showcase in any mode, some modes like ARURF do not support Eternals tracking. You can quickly see which queues support Eternals tracking by checking the Points Eligibility information next to the queue name in the pre-game lobby. If you see the Eternals icon, that queue supports Eternals!

Personal Best

Once you've hit five milestones on an Eternal, you can unlock Personal Best - which tracks your all-time, single-match best. Beat it, and everyone will see a special callout.


Here's how Riot explains it:

For example, if your Personal Best for kills was 10 in a single game and you score 11 the next time you hit the Rift, everyone will see a milestone of that accomplishment! After unlocking it, you can see your Personal Best for an Eternal at any time in the Progression tab of your favorite champions.