League of Legends: What Is Cheese?

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Cheese in its literal meaning is a food, although it can also be used as an expression whenever you would strike a pose when a camera is present.

But in League of Legends, the term pertains to something else. It’s not anything related to food or camera, but surely it has something significant in the game – or perhaps, something strange.


Keep reading to know more about cheese in League of Legends.

What Is Cheese In League of Legends?

Cheese is something unusual or strange in League of Legends.

The term is being used if there is an unusual or strange champion or team strategy or build that is utilized by a player or a team.


In other terms, cheese is somehow related to being unorthodox, wherein something different can put up good results.

It may be a bit different from the usual stuff, yet it can change the momentum at some point in the game and lean towards the win favoring the team with the cheese strategy.

So, whenever there’s a cheese during your match, then prepare for some unexpected things that may happen. It may even cost you the win in the worst-case scenario.

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