League of Legends: What Is Juke?

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Killing enemies is the name of the game in League of Legends. But sometimes if you tend to juke, then it won’t happen to you most likely.

Juking or to juke is very popular in League of Legends. Although it may not be as easy as it may sound, if you are successful in doing so then it can be included in some of your highlight plays.


Keep reading to know more as we dive deeper in juking in League of Legends.

What Is Juke In League of Legends?

Juke is the act of using deceptive moves and skills while moving in order for you to drive your opponent to some sort of misdirection.

This misdirection may include straightforward escape from attacks, kills, or leading your opponent to use a skill in the wrong designated area.


So, if you hear the term juke in League of Legends, expect that there would be some chasing that’s happening.

Or some emphatic plays are about to take place that can be a part of your gameplay highlight reel.

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