League of Legends: What Is BM?

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In the gaming community of League of Legends, you might have heard of the term BM.

And yes, it stands for two words – more of an abbreviated term that implies some sort of a negative significance. Yet knowing what it means can still help though.


With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about BM in League of Legends.

What Is BM In League of Legends?

BM may sound bad in League of Legends.

But seriously and literally, BM means ‘bad manners.’ It’s the things that some players may tend to do in the game which can affect them or others negatively.


That is why whenever you would hear or use the term BM, now you know that it’s something that is related to bad manners.

Well, the good thing we may do about these is just to prevent those, and just do good during games – and even outside of it.

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