League of Legends: What Is Elo Hell?

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In League of Legends, there are a lot of terms referring to some of the game’s most important elements.

And one of those is the Elo Hell which – yeah, somehow already gives a negative vibe on what it means. But to know the real meaning of this term in the game can help you a lot, especially if you are one of those experiencing it.


Keep reading to know more about Elo Hell in League of Legends.

What Is Elo Hell In League of Legends?

Elo Hell in League of Legends could really cause some hell feeling to a player.

This term refers to a rank that seems to be difficult for a player to get out of.


Some may be stuck with a specific Elo range that can cause some hardships and struggles especially in achieving a higher rank.

Elo hell, isn’t it?

But again, nothing is impossible. And once could get out of that Elo hell by winning more games. Just remember to practice and grind more.

And another option would be focusing on one hero though. But expect that there may be chances that it could be picked by an opponent or even a teammate.


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