League of Legends: What Is All-In?

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There are a lot of gaming jargons you may hear in League of Legends which players tend to say during games.

And with that, you may have heard someone say ‘all-in’ during a match. It can be from a teammate or an opponent you have faced. Well, this could often be heard during a clash of some sort.


But what does it exactly mean in League of Legends? Keep reading to know more.

What Is All-In In League of Legends?

All-In in League of Legends means that all of you in the team would literally go all-in.

It is the act of committing all your available resources to kill a target enemy. It includes abilities, cooldowns, summoner spells, etc.


The main objective of this act is simple – go all-in to finish off that main target. Most of the time it could be the opposing core/carry or tank that would be mainly targeted for a single but powerful strike.

So, if you hear all-in from your opponents, then be ready because it might be you or anyone from your team whom they will target.

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