What Is Orange Essence In League of Legends?

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While League of Legends offers Blue Essence and RP (Riot Points) as free and paid currencies respectively, those new to the game may be wondering just what Orange Essence is.

You won't find yourself getting a great deal of it, but it actually falls somewhere between the others. Here's how to get Orange Essence in League of Legends, as well as what you can spend it on.

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What Is Orange Essence In League of Legends?

Orange Essence is a currency that can be spent on skins once you have the corresponding shard in your loot tab.

If you have the shard, you can transfer a chunk of Orange Essence to unlock the skin permanently.

How To Get Orange Essence In League of Legends

You can earn Orange Essence in multiple ways. For one, you can buy it in the store, but doing so isn't particularly cost-effective - it's bundled in with five Hextech Chests and Keys.

You can also earn increments of Orange Essence by taking part in in-game events.

The most common way to earn Orange Essence, though, is through crafting. If you've earned a skin shard through Prime Gaming or an unlock and you don't want to earn the related skin, you can disenchant the skin into Orange Essence.

Depending on the skin's rarity, you can earn a decent amount of Orange Essence, which can then be traded towards a skin you do want.

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