Riot Introduces LCS Game Changers Initiative For High Elo Players

Credit: Image via Riot Games | LCS

Credit: Image via Riot Games | LCS

After the launch of Valorant esports, Riot Games has been focusing on the betterment of the entire esports scene. With that in mind, the developers have introduced a new initiative that is supposed to create a "more diverse and inclusive professional esports ecosystem."

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), the regional league for North America has announced the LCS Game Changers initiative. This also means that the initiative will be executed before the beginning of Worlds 2021.

Let's dive in and take a look at what the LCS Game Changers initiative has to offer.

What is LCS Game Changers

The LCS Game Changer initiative is a program that will support women who are high ELO League of Legends players and work. This program will help them transition into the LCS amateur and professional leagues.

This initiative will allow the participants to work with coaches, analysts, guest speakers, and even professional players. Additionally, the participants will also go through all the aspects of being a professional League of Legends player.

The TL;DR provided by Riot Games provides a lot of interesting details about the program. Check it out,

  • 10 highly-skilled women will be selected to field 2 teams
  • Over 2 weeks, these players will experience “life as a pro”, playing daily scrimmages
  • Through positional coaching, analyst VOD reviews, and expert panels, players will gain key pro-level skills
  • At the end of the program, the teams compete in a best of 5 match
  • The supercharged participants are able to demonstrate their skills and abilities while also building professional connections

Having said that, those who are interested in signing up for this campaign can do so by heading over to the official website. However, before doing that, make sure to check the eligibility criteria given below.

Eligibility for LCS Game Changers

As listed by Riot Games, here are the eligibility requirements for participating in the LCS Game Changers initiative,

  • Players must be 13 years of age or older.
  • Players must be residents of the United States or Canada.
  • Players must be able to attend the full two weeks of the event.
  • Players must have the ability to submit game footage recordings.

If you qualify for all of these requirements, you can sign up for the LCS Game Changers program and start your journey as a professional League of Legends player.


The player application form is currently live, allowing players to submit their proposal for a chance of being in the LCS Game Changers program. The list of selected players is scheduled to be announced on September 3.

Subsequently, the program is scheduled to begin from September 27 and run until October 8. Additionally, Riot Games has also revealed that no part of this two-week program will be broadcasted. This will be done in order to respect the participant's privacy.

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