League of Legends: PROJECT Bastion Event End Date

League of Legends (LoL) regularly introduces limited-time events to give players fresh content and experience from time to time.

One of these includes the PROJECT Bastion event which went live last May 27. Limited-time events in the game usually last a month, but when will the current event end?

Keep reading to know more about the League of Legends PROJECT Bastion event end date.

When Does League of Legends PROJECT Bastion Event End?

League of Legends PROJECT Bastion began on May 27 and will end on June 28.

The limited-time event is currently ongoing, and the different challenges are now live. But the PROJECT Bastion skins are still not available, yet do not worry because they will come out anytime soon.

These are the champions who would receive the PROJECT Bastion skins:

PROJECT: Mordekaiser

PROJECT: Renekton

PROJECT: Sejuani



PROJECT: Sylas (Prestige)


League of Legends Next Patch Release

The upcoming content including the game skins would most likely arrive in the next LoL patch release which is patch 11.12 scheduled this June 9th.

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