League of Legends: How To Watch Highlights

In League of Legends (LOL), there may be times that you would want to watch your own game highlights especially those which really exemplified your in-game skills.

Aside from looking back to your previous games for some sort of nostalgia, you can also rewatch those to improve your gameplay. There are just some steps you need to do depending on how you would want to capture your game highlights in LOL.

With that being said, here’s how you can watch your highlights in League of Legends.

How To Watch Highlights In League of Legends

The most standardized way of watching your game highlights is to watch your downloaded game replays. Just head to your profile and look for your match history. Then click the download button on the match that you want to rewatch. Super easy.

You may also use third-party video recording software such as Fraps. By doing so, you may have the option to just record the in-game moment or highlight that you would wish to rewatch from time to time.

Also, you may do it by using streaming apps such as OBS Studio. Although by default, it will record your entire streaming session, including the time you are not in a game. But still, the highlights would be there for sure.

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