League of Legends: How To Change Border

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One of the most interesting things in creating your League of Legends profile is the option of choosing the border that you want to use for your profile picture in the game.

Some may look plain, some are colorful and shining, and some are proof of your hard-earned journey in the game since there are borders that you can only unlock when reaching a specific rank, or by winning tournaments.


Keep reading and we will let you know how to change borders in League of Legends.

How To Change Border In League of Legends

Changing your border in League of Legends is really simple.

Just go to your game profile and select your profile picture. By clicking it, you will have the option to set and choose the border that you want to use in the game.


Once done, the border that you have set will now appear in your profile. Your profile visitors will also be able to see the new border that you selected.

Take note that you may get borders by playing ranked matches, buying from the shop, or participating in various limited-time events.

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