League of Legends Changed Their Twitter Picture To Honor Tyler1

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Tyler' Tyler1' Steinkamp is trying to get to the Challenger rank on all roles in League of Legends. Recently, he added another role to his list, making him a Challenger on Top, Mid, Jungler, and Bot Laner. The only role left for him to master is Support.

League of Legends Twitter honored Tyler1 in a special way in honor of his outstanding achievement. League of Legends issued a special tweet to announce that they had changed their profile picture to include Tyler1. Below is a video of Tyler1 seeing the new image and a tweet about it.


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League of Legends Picture Change

As soon as Tyler1 saw that their profile picture had changed, he headed to Twitter. When he saw himself on League's Twitter post, he was blown away. His reaction was exactly what we would expect from him.

For those who want to see the actual tweet, here it is. It's clear that League of Legends was paying attention to him.


This makes me wonder what will happen when he actually gets all five in. Support is the only role that's left, and Tyler1 wants it bad. Hopefully, it will merit such a soon-to-be great accomplishment.