“Only Psychopaths Would Enjoy Top Lane” - Doublelift and Tyler1 Explain The Difficult Jump of Top Lane in League of Legends

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There are three lanes in League of Legends, and the top lane is the hardest. Yiliang' Doublelift' Peng watched Tyler' Tyler1' Steinkamp speak about how the top lane is much more challenging than the middle lane. As a result, Doublelift explained why the top lane is so difficult.

Sometimes top laners are placed in bad positions through no fault of their own. Both Tyler1 and Doublelift agreed that the middle lane was the "Mickey Mouse Cupcake" lane. It is a lane where players need to think and react and make smart choices or have a very punishing game.


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League of Legends top lane

It sounds like there isn't a real strategy to follow, just be very good with reactions and skilled in the game. This is coming from two very skilled players, Doublelift more than Tyler1. Watch the clip and I'll show you how devasting the top lane is.

My thanks to the talented writer Ben Mock from Dexerto for finding this clip.


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To quote Doublelift:

"Top lane is the most punishing and disgusting role in the game. If you get f***ed top lane then you are f***ed for the rest of the game. If the enemy jungler does not want you to play the game, you cannot play the game. If you get counter-picked top lane, you cannot f***ing breathe, you will just get completely bullied for the rest of the game."

This is a link to some clips of players in the top lane. I would be surprised if some of those weren't some of the craziest turnarounds you have ever seen.


As far as I know, no other game has difficulty curves like those for players who play top lane. In the top lane, you'll know right away if you're not good. I recommend going down the middle lane for those who aren't professionals because I can barely last there.