League of Legends Akshan: New Champion's Leaks, Release Date, And More!

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League of Legends (LOL) update 11.13 just went live today, and some new game content, as well as system fixes, were implemented by Riot Games to keep the game ‘on fire.’

But along with the release of the new game update is their revelation about the new and upcoming champion in the game named Akshan. Although he is not part of patch 11.13, he could arrive as early as the next update, which is patch 11.14.


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League of Legends Akshan Release Date

Akshan is highly anticipated to arrive in League of Legends on July 22, 2021, which is the release date of patch 11.15. He is a part of the Sentinels of Light event which would be associated with the Ruination story of Viego.

League of Legends Akshan Leaks

Akshan was discovered by fans on the official website of the game, wherein a puzzle that could be solved by anyone appeared.


The champion’s name was the password to solve the puzzle. It resembled a huge graphic that showed Akshan along with other champions for the Sentinels of Light event which will come to the game in patch 11.15 as mentioned.

League of Legends Akshan Confirmed Info

Aside from the fact that he would come to the game in patch 11.14, it was also confirmed that Akshan would have the moniker of ‘The Lost Sentinel,’ which heavily pertains to the upcoming event, of course.

Also, the overall Rise of Sentinels event will be seen on all the game franchises of Riot which is a first in history. What a crossover somehow!


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