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LCK Summer Split 2021: Standings, Schedule, How To Watch, And More!

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2021 Summer Split will now approach its fourth week, and only one team is currently sitting at the top spot amongst all the teams in the tournament after the first 8 weeks of action.

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LCK Standings After Week 8

Here are the current standings of the LCK teams after week 8:

1Nongshim RedForce25-15
2Gen.G 22-14
3Liiv SANDBOX 21-16
4 DWG Kia 23-14
5T1 21-16
6Afreeca Freecs 19-20
7Hanwha Life Esports15-22
8Fredit BRION 18-22
9KT Rolster 16-21

Nongshim RedForce now dominates the entire tournament, and they now have a solo number one seed finish, followed by the former number one seed Gen.G who lost all their games this week at number two, and Liiv Sandbox with a solo slate at number three.

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LCK Week 9 Schedule


Here is the week 9 schedule of LCK Summer Split 2021 wherein it will now be the best of 3 matches:

August 5:
Liiv Sandbox vs Hanwha Life Esports

August 6:
KT Rolster vs DRX
T1 vs Gen.G

August 7:
Nongshim RedForce vs Afreeca Freecs
Liiv Sandvox vs Fredit BRION

August 8:
Gen.G vs DWG KIA
T1 vs DRX

How To Watch LCK Summer Split 2021

You can tune in to the official Twitch or YouTube channel of LCK 2021, or on Riot’s esports website.

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