LPL Summer Split 2021: Standings, Schedule, How To Watch, And More!

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The first eight weeks of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Split 2021 in China has already commenced where 17 of the best teams in the nation are competing for the top prize.

LPL Standings After Week 9

Here are the current standings of the LPL Summer Split 2021 after week 9:

1FunPlus Phoenix 28-11
2EDward Gaming 25-10
3Rare Atom25-16
4Top Esports 23-15
5Royal Never Give Up25-14
6Bilibili Gaming 24-17
7Team WE 23-17
8LNG Esports 25-19
10Oh My God 19-18
11JD Gaming 17-20
12LGD Gaming 17-20
13Invictus Gaming 15-22
14Rogue Warriors 14-25
15Ultra Prime 13-26
16ThunderTalk Gaming 8-28
17Victory Five 3-32

FunPlus Phoenix emerged as the top team from the preliminaries with 28 wins and 11 losses even if it was EDWard Gaming who topped on the majority of the prelims, but finished as the top 2 team with a 25-10 record. LPL is home to some of the most renowned and decorated LOL teams in the world like Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix.

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LPL Playoffs

Here are the matches of the LPL Playoffs 2021:
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August 12:
LNG Esports def. Suning, 3-2

August 13:
Team WE def. Oh My God, 3-0

August 14:
LNG Esports def. Top Esports, 3-1

August 15:
Team WE def. Bilibili Gaming, 3-0


August 19:
LNG Esports def. Royal Never Give Up, 3-0

August 20:
Team WE def. Rare Atom, 3-2

August 21:
FunPlus Phoenix def. LNG Esports, 3-0

August 22:
Team WE def. EDWard Gaming


How To Watch LPL Summer Split 2021

You can tune in to the official Twitch or YouTube channel of LPL 2021, or on Riot’s esports website.

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