Huya Signs 5 Year Deal For All League of Legends Esports in China Worth $310 Million

Chinese live streaming service, Huya has Signed a 5-year exclusive media rights deal with League of Legends Chinese operator, TJ Sports, which is a joint venture by Riot Games and Tencent.

The 5-year deal worth $310 million, Reported by The Esports Observer, will last until 2025, and grants the platform exclusive broadcasting, video on demand, and distribution rights in China and applies to the League of Legends Pro League, League of Legends Development League, and the LPL All-Stars Event.

While the broadcasting deal was a 5-year deal, VOD rights will only remain for 3 years.

Huya may also produce additional League of Legends content based on the LPL, LDL, and LPL All-star events, such as promotional videos and written articles, featuring replays, highlights, news, and commentary.

More details can be found in the 20-F Form.

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Huya Signs 5 Year Deal For All League of Legends Esports in China Worth $310 Million

This deal comes less than a year after Riot Games formed a partnership with another Chinese live streaming platform, Bilibili.

This partnership granted the platform exclusive broadcasting rights to the World Championships, Mid-seasonal Invitational, and All-Star Event.

In addition, to live streaming rights, Bilibili announced they would create content such as documentaries and supporting programs around the international League of Legends Esports.

While both live streaming services may offer similar broadcasts, Huya will focus more on the local Chinese tournaments, while Bilibili will promote the global LoL Esports scene.

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