League of Legends Player Claims Disabling Chat Is One of Game’s Best Features

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Talking to other players in multiplayer games has been the start of many beautiful friendships, however, it seems that isn’t the case in every game.

For example, League of Legends is known for being a little toxic at times, whether you’re stuck in the smurf queue or are a female player just trying to have fun.

This also seems to be the reason that one player has recently taken to Reddit in order to sing the praises of the setting which allows League’s denizens to disable the chat function.

League Players Just Want to be Left Alone

Posting to begin the thread on r/leagueoflegends, user bababab69 declared: “disabling chat is the best setting ever invented in League”, explaining that: “It's so refreshing to be able to just think that all of your teammates are minding their own business and don't pay attention to your mistakes. You can also express almost everything you want to say in pings, and you can't waste your time typing through half of the game.”

Elaborating, bababab69 also outlined how their new approach works practically, saying: “I turned it off about a month ago and the mental improvement is inhuman. I started to actually enjoy the game and be able to focus way more than I used to. If someone pings my flash or anything, I immediately mute their pings and act like nothing happened.”

The vast majority of other users in the thread seemed to agree with their assessment, with benitoxx saying: “I always play with disabled chat, no point talking with (the) lol community” and juhziz_the_dreamer adding: “I've been playing without chat for years and it's delightful.”

Responding to the first comment, bababab69 went into some extra detail about their experience, saying: “I probably had like one in 50 games where chat was fun, but even in those games there's always at least 1 person who's stressed out and types negative stuff instead of playing the game, even if the team is hard winning.”

However, it seems this experience isn’t universal, with user Naymliss saying: “I generally wind up disabling it if I'm playing with friends, but when I'm playing solo the game is way too boring to not be able to joke around with people in the game.”

Indeed, user Weedwick shared their “hot take”, which is that without chat, League would never have grown into the massively popular game it is today, explaining: “People underestimate how important the social aspect is of these games. I think the gradual removal of social interaction in World of Warcraft is one of the major reasons (that) game (has) declined so hard.”

Regardless of whether or not you’re in a chatty mood when you play, make sure to follow us for more League of Legends updates as new patches and characters arrive.

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