Daeny Rejoins DWG KIA As League of Legends Strategic Analyst

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League of Legends coach Daeny will be making his way back to the team which made him a champion coach – in the form of DWG KIA, but now as their strategic analyst.

In the team’s official Instagram account, they revealed that the champion coach will be returning to DWG KIA, which was also reported by Korizon Esports on Twitter


Daeny From His T1 Stint

His return to DWG KIA comes after his short stint in T1 which is the home of Faker who is arguably considered as the greatest League of Legends player in history, where Daeny was fired from the team after an unsuccessful run with them.

But now with his comeback to DWG KIA, the teams look forward to improving the team’s current standing in the LCK Summer Split 2021, where they are now sitting at third behind Chinese LOL powerhouses Nongshim RedForce and Gen.G.


As for Coach Zefa who joined Daeny when he left DWG KIA and later on signed by T1, there is no news if he will also return to the team. But we will keep you posted once there will be any announcements.

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