How LoL’s Vi and Jinx Ended Up Being the Stars of Arcane

Arcane has proven to be one of the best video game to TV adaptations out there, if not the best, with some of the best writing and animation you’ll ever see in an animated series, which has led to a ton of new fan support for League of Legends characters like Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx.

Considering the number of characters that are in LoL, many wondered why the focus was put on Vi and Jinx, who was in the game early but were additional characters added to the MOBA rather than part of the base roster, but considering the show’s quality, it’s fair to say that it was a good decision overall.

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How LoL’s Vi and Jinx Ended Up Being the Stars of Arcane

Speaking with Engadget, Arcane creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee stated that they chose the most compelling LoL characters to base a story around since fans of the game have wondered about the rivalry between Vi and Jinx in the MOBA for years.

Because LoL isn’t a game that can focus on the story, the only hints we’ve gotten about Vi and Jinx’s backstory have been their snarky retorts, which is why Linke and Yee felt focusing Arcane on these two was the right move.

“The fact that Jinx and Vi’s relationship is a bit of a mystery from the outset allows us to sort of satisfy both audiences,” says Yee.

Like we stated earlier, centering Arcane around Vi and Jinx ended up being a homerun decision for the two, as the show has garnered critical acclaim for its first season, with many critics saying that it could be the greatest video game adaptation ever made.

Arcane Season 1 is now available for streaming on Netflix, with Season 2 currently in production, while League of Legends is currently available for PC and mobile devices.

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