The Last Of Us 2 LEAK: Full Story Spoilers Circulate Online

The Last of Us 2 may not have a release date at present, but that hasn't stopped significant portions of the game's story leaking online via uploading cutscenes.

Wondering if they're legit? The fact that Sony and Naughty Dog have scrambled to remove them suggests that these are, in fact, taken from one of the year's biggest gaming releases.

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Out of respect for both you, our audience, and the development team at Naughty Dog, we won't publish specific spoilers but can confirm that some of it seems to corroborate leaks that were previously reported. Despite the original footage being taken offline, the footage has been redistributed via Twitter, YouTube and more.

Early reports suggest that the footage has come from an Alpha tester or perhaps even a disgruntled Naughty Dog alumni.

If you're trying to remain spoiler-free (and you really should), we'd recommend muting any TLOU2 keywords on Twitter and being very careful lest you stumble upon one.

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