Knockout City: How To Fake Throw

The Knockout City fake throw move lets you trick foes into defending too early and is a crucial tool in winning matches. Here's how to pull off a fake throw in Knockout City.

How To Fake Throw in Knockout City

To fake the ball throw, players will need to charge their throw and hit the right stick button on consoles or press F on PC. Successfully doing this will make your character do the throw animation, but they won't actually let go of the ball. Ideally, it'll make your opponent react early.

The point of faking throws is to force an opponent to defend early and put their block up. If this happens, players can punish this early block and throw their ball in the opening as the foe's block expires. When it works, fake throwing cleanly beats players that know how to block, catch, and return throws well.

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When To Fake Throw in Knockout City

As with any strategy, fake throwing too often makes your moves predictable. To make sure fake throws keep working, only do it up close and mix it up. If done from afar, the shot to punish the baited block or defensive move will not make it in time and gives the foe a time to evade or even repeat the defensive move to turn the tables on you.

Lastly, mix up your fake throws. Repeatedly going for fakes can be defeated with a regular shot.

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Landing your shots can immediately eliminate opponents out and fakeouts can help players take advantage of the shooting threat.
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How To Fight Fake Throws in Knockout City

If a foe is repeatedly trying fake throws to outplay your team, try to move around the foe's range to bait out their offensive move, whether it be a regular shot or a fake throw. If holding a ball, almost always go for a contesting shot to punish their fakeouts.

At best, knowing your opponent's habits will also be key to keep up when regular shots and fakeouts will happen. Stay patient in this part as every part knowing your opponent's habits are guesses and gut feelings. Enjoy faking your shots and fighting it from your opponents in Knockout City.

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