Embracer Group Acquires Eight New Studios, Including 3D Realms

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Embracer Group already holds a significant number of subsidiaries. Parent company for THQ Nordic, Saber Interactive, Koch Media, Gearbox and more, they've just announced the acquisition of eight new studios for $313 million, bringing the group's total to over 70 companies.

Most prominently, they've acquired 3D Realms, best known for Duke Nukem. They've currently got several projects in the works, publishing Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, Core Decay, Graven - whose developer Slipgate Ironworks was also acquired by Embracer - and more. Both companies are being folded into Saber Interactive.

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Embracer Group Acquires Eight New Studios, Including 3D Realms

VR studio Force Field are joining fellow subsidiary Vertigo Games to become Vertigo Amsterdam, under Koch Media. Previously, they've released Landfall on Oculus Rift and Time Stall on the Oculus Quest. Lost in Harmony and 11-11 Memories Retold developer DigixArt are also joining Koch Media.

As for Embracer's Coffee Stain Studios, they're taking on two more developers, Ghost Ship Games (Deep Rock Galactic) and Easy Trigger (Huntdown). Finally, they've taken on Crazy Labs (Super Stylist) and Grimfrost, an "e-commerce specialist" known for Viking merchandise. It's quite the mix, and we'll be interested to see what Embracer's got planned next.

Source: Eurogamer via Embracer Group