Bethesda's Indiana Jones Game Was First Pitched In 2009

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Todd Howard's revealed that Bethesda's Indiana Jones game was first pitched to George Lucas in 2009. While development is still in the very early stages for MachineGames' upcoming adaptation, Howard revealed to The Telegraph how this originally came about.

Acting as the game's executive producer, Howard advised he was "super excited" about this upcoming project, confirming:

I think I originally pitched [to George] Lucas in 2009 and I’ve been trying to find a way to make that [since]. And I think the work MachineGames have done, they’re just phenomenal developers and storytellers. And when I started talking to them about it, it was a good fit. And we got to the opportunity to talk to Lucas and Disney about it and they were super excited.

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Bethesda's Indiana Jones Game Was First Pitched In 2009

Elaborating further on this, Howard advised the interviewer that he's a big fan of Indiana Jones, but "never thought I’d have the opportunity to make a game". Calling MachineGames "the best team in the world to pull this game off", he then stated how they've done a "phenomenal job" so far.

Since that initial reveal (as seen above), we've not had a huge amount of information to go on about this upcoming project. While it's early development status meant Indiana Jones skipped E3 2021, we know it'll feature an original, standalone tale, set at the peak of our famed adventurer's career. We'll bring you the latest information as it comes.