Wayfinder release date speculation and everything we know

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logo of wayfinder

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Initially revealed during The Game Awards 2022, Wayfinder is one of the highly anticipated MMORPG titles developed and published by Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes. It's the fourth project from the Texas game studio, which revolves around character-based gameplay.

Whether you're on a console or PC, there is a lot to get your teeth stuck into ahead of the Wayfinder global release. If you're excited about the release of Wayfinder in 2023, here's a comprehensive roundup of all the gameplay and story details that have been revealed so far.

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Wayfinder release date speculation

Wayfinder is set to release sometime in 2023, particularly near Spring.
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Although the developers are yet to announce the official release date, it's being speculated that Wayfinder will launch sometime in 2023. However, it's been officially confirmed that the free-to-play MMO title will be available across a range of gaming platforms, including PC and consoles, upon its launch.

In fact, a beta version of Wayfinder was released back in December 2022, in which PC players could participate in the testing phase to experience the first impressions of the game. Soon after that, Airship Syndicate kicked off the second phase of beta testing, in which console players got the chance to join the beta testing.

Wayfinder story and gameplay

Wayfinder story and gameplay promise a fascinating MMO title.
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The world of Evenor is in disarray, and its inhabitants face disruptions in their daily lives due to a consuming gloom that is turning them against each other. Meanwhile, the Reavers and brigands are still battling over the ruins, and the Precursors are hiding in the shadows, hunting the last of the gods.

When it comes to gameplay, players can enter distinct adventures with the assistance of the Gloom Dagger, a mysterious tool that permits them to personalise their experience.

As Wayfinders, players can utilize an array of unique abilities, such as arcane magic, melee combat, and mystical tech, based on their desired playstyle.

Players have the authority to determine what they want to explore and which enemies to battle, allowing them to play their Wayfinder in different ways.

Wayfinder characters

Wayfinder characters are known as Wayfinders
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Wayfinders are the playable characters in the game, packed with fascinating combat mechanics. Each Wayfinder boasts unique abilities and skills such as close-range melee attacks, arcane magic, and mystical technology. So far, the developers have revealed six characters, and below is a brief overview of each unit.


Wingrave is a templar who wears special armour that has been imbued with spells powered by his steadfast belief in the Architects. He possesses strong leadership qualities and is a true hero who is always prepared to protect the innocent and defeat malevolent entities.

Wingrave is an expert in close-range combat and has a knack for assisting his allies. He can generate shields of light to safeguard his teammates, mend their injuries, and unleash godly punishment upon his adversaries.


Silo is a highly skilled and efficient marksman who prioritises accuracy and speed. Silo finds satisfaction in taking on challenging obstacles, and he is a versatile fighter adept in both close and ranged combat.

Along with his combat proficiency, he also possesses various tactical tools that he can utilise to gain the upper hand in battles. Silo has the ability to create illusions to mislead his enemies, hinder them with oil, and cause explosions with his fire skills.


Niss belongs to the Deep Eldren, an ancient race aligned with the malevolent Precursors. With a natural affinity for the shadows, Niss uses darkness as her weapon and cloak.

Niss is an Eldren Shadow Dancer specialising in quick and agile movements. She gracefully dances around her enemies, relying on her shadowy veil and spectral blades for the offence.


Senja was once the greatest gladiator in the history of the Imperial Arena until she fell prey to the Gloom. She comes from the Dominion of the Seven Winds and is the last surviving member of the Iron Sisters, a league of formidable warriors.

Senja is an adept fighter who employs both her lightning-fast sword and her mastery of storm magic to defeat her enemies. She revels in combat and takes pleasure in entertaining her spectators. The character is exceptionally skilled in close combat and can manipulate the storm to either pull her opponents closer or launch them away with lightning bolts.


Kyros is the sole survivor of a long-forgotten civilisation and has transformed his physical form into a conduit for mystical power. Despite the tragic loss of his people, Kyros remains committed to preventing the Gloom from erasing all life.

Although he prefers to keep his foes at a distance, Kyros wields tremendous magical abilities, such as unleashing blasts of raw energy to disperse his opponents or conjuring massive shockwaves to crush them.


We are awaiting details for this character. Stay tuned!

How to play Wayfinder early access?

Joining the Wayfinder beta testing is a pretty straightforward process. Start by visiting the official Wayfinder website and clicking "Sign Up" on the "Enter the Gloom" prompt. Then, select which platform you'll be playing on and verify your email and birth date.

After following these steps, you will successfully enrol yourself for early access. However, it's worth noting that signing up for early access doesn't grant entry. You'll receive a confirmation email from the developers if you're selected for the test.

Wayfinder system requirements

Wayfinder is definitely going to be a graphically rich game. Therefore, players will require at least a 3000 series Nvidia graphic card for a seamless experience. Below you can check the minimum system requirements to run Wayfinder.

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Ryzen 5 3600
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Radeon RX 5600 XT 8GB RAM or equivalent
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30 GB available space

So there you have it. That's everything you need to learn about the Wayfinder MMO title.

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