Spirittea: Release Date, Gameplay, and Everything We Know So Far

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A new wholesome game has elbowed its way onto the scene: Spirittea. As the name suggests, it involves spectral friends and relaxation, and we can’t wait for it.

Originally crowdfunded back in 2020, the debut game from Cheesemaster Games is being published by indie studio No More Robots. The first official trailer for the game has released, and shows off the gameplay and story involved with this interesting project. It closely resembles Stardew Valley, and gives us Mother vibes from its characters and animals. So what is this whimsical game? Well, remember when Chihiro worked in the bathhouse in Spirited Away? This is like that but more by choice. Your job is to wash spirits' problems away and rebuild your bathhouse while making friends with the locals.

While we patiently await more information on this relaxing, spiritual game, we suggest digging into games like Rune Factory 5, or Kirby and the Forgotten Land for some more chilled-out gaming.

Spirittea Release Date

For now, there is no release date scheduled for Spirittea. It might be a while away, so we'll need to sit tight.

There are no physical pre-orders just yet, and in fact, a physical release isn't even confirmed. For now, we can only add the game to our ever-growing Steam wishlists.

Anyone interested in this delightful game can pop their name down for a chance at playing the closed beta - the page is here. There isn't a date for the beta test yet, though.

Spirittea’s Story

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The story of Spirittea is both familiar and fascinatingly original. The game sees an author (you) move to an out-of-the-way, East-Asian-inspired village to work on finishing your latest work. Unfortunately, your respite is interrupted when you discover that there are literal spirits sharing your space. You discover this by drinking tea from an ancient teapot you have. You then set about helping these spirits remember who they are, by taking care of them at the bathhouse, which needs some serious love and repairs.

Like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, there’s long and short-term ways to play the game - you could be in for the long haul of completing your Spirit-dex, if you will, or just work towards finishing writing your book with the Inspiration Points you earn on your way.

Spirittea Gameplay

The gameplay is simple; a lot of quietly wandering around and visiting characters, and ticking off tasks on a to-do list, like solving problems that the spirits have, feeding them, and setting up rooms in the bathhouse.

There’s a slight puzzle element in figuring out which spirits require what different items and elixirs, and making sure that only friends sit together. You’ve gotta keep the bathhouse flowing smoothly, but we’ve been promised a wash of other activities to take part in, including karaoke and bug catching with the locals.

What Platforms Will Spirittea Be On?

Currently, Spirittea is confirmed to release on PC via Steam, and on the Nintendo Switch. When we learn more, we’ll update this page!

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