Sims 4 Infant update - Release date, price, and all changes

Two children dancing in Sims 4.

Two children dancing in Sims 4.

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If you want to know the latest on the Sims 4 Infant update, you're in the right place. It’s an exciting time to be a part of The Sims community, with the recent announcement of a base game update which introduces a brand-new life stage: infants. Care for your infants with new interactions, personalise your home with build/buy mode items, and customise infants with CAS items.

Recently, The Sims team released an in-depth livestream breaking down the new features coming to the game that will be available to all players. In this hub, we will break down all the cool new features coming to The Sims 4 base game, alongside news on the pack's release date and price.

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When is the Sims 4 Infant update release date?

The Sims 4 Infant update comes out on March 14, 2023. That means there's barely any time at all left to wait!

The pack was first announced in January 2023, during a Behind The Sims livestream. This unpacked all the new features, as well as the key need-to-know details. You can check out the full livestream below:

How much does the Sims 4 Infant update cost?

Fortunately for Sims 4 fans, the Infant update comes completely free. Unlike other expansion packs and additional content, you won't need to spend a single penny to enjoy the fun.

Therefore, as soon as it releases, you can dive straight into the new features without worrying about paying.

What new features are in the Sims 4 Infant update?

New build and buy mode items

During the first portion of the stream, Guru Grant, lead producer on infants, and Morgan, producer on infants, showed off a plethora of new items that will be coming with the infant update.

There are a few different cribs, including one that can be converted into a toddler bed, rugs, usable bookshelves, and new sensory toys that each feature unique audio. One of the most interesting items added is a new fence, which has brought with it the ability to babyproof certain areas of the house.

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Both producers assured players that despite this feature being demonstrated with the new fence, babyproofing will be possible on all in-game gates and doors.

A customisable house in The Sims 4.
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Create-a-Sim updates

Infants are fully customisable, with new outfits, accessories, and hairstyles being created for the update. A skin detail was shown off that is specific to infants - stork bites.

Stork bites are skin marks present on infants that disappear as they age, which has also been noted to happen to Sims as they progress into the next life stage.

Gameplay features

The biggest and most riveting aspects of the update are the gameplay features surrounding infant sims. There are six new traits available: cautious, sensitive, calm, intense, wiggly, and sunny. These traits all change how your infant interacts with the world around them.

Attachment is a concept in the game referring to the level of trust and security an infant feels towards their caregivers. Depending on how well they are cared for, infants will gain free reward traits when aging up into a new life stage. These are happy infant, top notch, and unhappy infant. Infants can also try new foods in the high chair, which they will have varied reactions to depending on their traits.

Sims can choose to have infants through the new social interaction, science baby, in which they can pay to have a baby on their own, or with a romantic/platonic partner. This is fantastic for creating diverse options for gameplay, for example allowing same-sex couples to have babies, as previously they could only adopt.

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