Pokemon Day 2023 livestream countdown and new game announcement speculation

Banner for Pokemon Day 2023

Banner for Pokemon Day 2023

Pokemon Day 2023 is upon us. As with all Pokemon Day celebrations, we're expecting to see quite a few announcements for what's coming up for the entire franchise for the upcoming year and beyond. While we don't know exactly what's coming, we have some pretty good ideas about how the franchise could spend its.

We have quite a few different aspects of Pokemon to consider when it comes to announcements. From the recently released Scarlet and Violet, to Pokemon GO and the other mobile apps, and even for the TCG, there's bound to be something for everyone.

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When is Pokemon Day 2023? - Pokemon Presents Livestream countdown

Pokemon Day 2023 - Pokemon Presents 2023 Livestream START

As is tradition, we know the date of Pokemon Day 2023, that being February 27, 2023.

A tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account on February 21 announced the festivities. To kick things off, there will be a 20-minute announcement trailer over on the official Pokemon YouTube channel at 6 AM PST / 2 PM GMT. That's basically a Nintendo Direct livestream made just for Pokemon.

Pokemon Day 2023 Speculation

As for what's to be announced for Pokemon Day 2023, we don't have any exacts at this point, but we do have a few guesses. This isn't an exhaustive list either, but there is some juicy stuff we're relatively confident we could see during the event.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet books.
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC

Just as last year's Pokemon Day closed with the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we fully expect this year's stream to kick off with a reveal of the games first post-launch DLC.

Just like Pokemon Sword and Shield, expect DLC to come in waves, with a clear vision for the first and a vague mention of the next. Around when the games were nearing release, leaks and datamines suggested a few hidden Paradox Pokemon (Suicune and Terrakion) were present in the game files, so expect to see a DLC drop featuring those two and a deepening of the Area Zero expedition area.

Given that Pokemon Sword and Shield got a pretty sizeable DLC, and the fact that Scarlet and Violet is incredibly popular, this makes a lot of sense.

Pokemon Home support for Scarlet and Violet

Also related to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we'll most likely will be getting an official launch date for Pokemon Home compatibility, which will allow players to bring in Pokemon from older titles into the Paldea region.

This was stated to be releasing in Spring of 2023, so getting an exact date would make sense. This could also signal the announcement of Series Three for VGC and Ranked ladders.

The GameBoy on Nintendo Switch.
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Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow on Nintendo Switch Online

The next thing that we could speculate on is a potential for a re-release of the generation one and two games on Nintendo Switch.

Given that the 3DS e-shop is set to close on March 27, 2023, our last chance to buy the digital versions of the classic games will vanish alongside it. With GameBoy support recently added to the Nintendo Switch Online service, expecting those titles to make the jump from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch would make a lot of sense. It's perfect timing.

A screenshot from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX on Nintendo Switch.
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A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game

Given that the last one came out in 2020, we could also see a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon title announced as well. The last time we saw the series was with a remake of the very first title, so we're overdue a new entry if the last was designed to reinvigorate and reintroduce the spin-off series.

The Pokemon Day 2023 website also featured a hidden bit of source code that mentioned the Mystery Dungeon series, so either another remake or a new entry is prime for a reveal.

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At a push, we could see the N64 releases sent out to hype the reveal of a brand new Pokemon Stadium or Colosseum title be released. Pokemon Colosseum launched 20 years ago. Nintendo does like a good anniversary.

Kadabra in Pokemon Stadium.
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Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 release dates

Back when N64 support was added to the Nintendo Switch Online service, the announcement sizzle reel revealed that both Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2 would appear on the service at a later date.

We haven't heard a peep from them since, but with Pokemon Home finally seeing an update to support newer games this year, it makes sense for Nintendo to finally drop some more compatible games to launch alongside it.

Let's Go Johto?

The final thing that we could speculate on a bit, and this one may be a bit of a long shot, is either a brand new Pokemon Let's Go title. It wouldn't be the first time we've had a new game revealed right off the launch of the last, and it could happen again here.

The Let's Go games released near the start of the Nintendo Switch's launch proved to be a popular way to introduce past Pokemon games to a newer audience, and finally following them up with games set in the second-generation region of Johto could work a treat.

Those games got remakes with Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the Nintendo DS, which already put them a generation ahead of the GBA remakes of Pokemon Red and Green that warranted the initial Let's Go releases, but if Nintendo intends to carry on the formula, the back-end of the Nintendo Switch's life-cycle is the best time to see if lightning can strike twice.

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Miscellaneous mobile musings

Don't be surprised if a decent chunk of the stream's 20-minute run time is used to market updates for mobile games like Pokemon GO, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Masters, and Pokemon Cafe Mix. It always happens, and those games have dedicated audiences, too.

More generally, we could see some new information around the various Pokemon mobile titles, including Pokemon GO! and it's also possible that we get some new information around a new TCG set announcement.

And that's all that we have for you for Pokemon Day 2023 speculations! Be sure to bookmark this page and check back on the 27th, as we'll be updating this page with everything that gets announced during the stream!

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