Overwatch 2 Season 1 - Start date, modes, heroes, and battle pass

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

It's almost time for Overwatch 2 season 1 to release into early access, and that means it's almost time for us to raid the in-game store and discover what the battle pass holds.

Remember that Overwatch 2 is now free-to-play, so expect in-game purchases and microtransactions to come up for things you'd previously have earned for free in Loot Boxes. The new game's first season is chock-full of rewards (both free and paid), new cosmetics to wear, and maps for us to jump into.

While we wait patiently for October 4 to roll around, let's take a look at the new maps in Overwatch 2, and our tier list. Here's what we know about the battle pass, and whether the game is likely to come to Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 start date

Season 1 goes live on October 4, when the game launches into early access. It is rumoured to run until the first week of December, giving a nine-week period for the first season.

Kiriko in Overwatch 2
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New Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 1

Overwatch 2 is launching with three new heroes available to play. They are Junker Queen, a tank; Sojourn, damage; and Kiriko - a support character. The first two popped up in the beta tests, but Kiriko has been kept a secret until release.

Kiriko is also locked in the battle pass at level 55, though you can pay to unlock the levels if you don't want to grind for ages.

Maps in Overwatch 2 Season 1

Season 1 kicks off with six new maps based on real-life locations. These are:

  • Circuit Royal - Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Midtown - New York, US
  • Esperanca - Lisbon, Portugal
  • Colosseo - Rome, Italy
  • New Queen Street - Toronto, Canada
  • Paraiso - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Is there a new game mode in Overwatch 2 Season 1?

While players lose access to one game mode, they gain another in Overwatch 2. Assault has been removed from the game, and replaced with Push. Two teams will fight to control a robot on the map, which will push the objective towards the enemy spawn point.

The Esperanca, Colosseo and New Queen Street maps are designed for this game mode.

Overwatch 2 Genji skin
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New cosmetics in Overwatch 2 Season 1

Overwatch 2 is chock full of cosmetics. There are many varieties, and ones available for every character. These will cost Overwatch coins in the store, and some can be gained from the battle pass.

Souvenirs are a new addition and appear in the battle pass and store. They're part of the emotes and are items that characters can show off at the end of battles. Some new items include a salt shaker, a miniature payload statue, a heart, or a GG sign. There are also weapon charms coming too, so you can dress up your chosen equipment with fun and cute accessories.

These cosmetics can be bought in bundles in the store, ranging up to 2,000 coins. The three new characters have specific bundles available at a discounted price.

Overwatch 2 Battle pass for season 1

The battle pass is a new addition to Overwatch 2, and balances out the free aspect of the game. You can work on the battle pass and get rewards for free, but levels can be unlocked with Overwatch coins. You'll be needing a lot if you want the brand new Mythic skin - a Cyber Demon look for Genji - which is level 80 of the pass.

There are daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks to complete in order to earn rewards in the pass.

Overwatch 2 battlepass
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The rewards range from skins and cosmetics, to other items like voice lines, sprays, and new souvenirs or weapon charms. There's also a new character to unlock - the previously mentioned Kiriko.

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