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Since the game was so successful, Outer Wilds 2 news appears on the internet more often. Released back in 2019, Outer Wilds was a Mobius Digital release, and was considered a GOTY contender by various outlets.

In this hub, we'll uncover all the Outer Wilds 2 news we know of so far, as well as some speculation as to what we'd like to see in an Outer Wilds sequel. This guide will come in handy for every gamer who is waiting for Outer Wilds 2.

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Outer Wilds 2 latest news

If you head to the news, you will not find much about Outer Wilds 2. This is probably because after than the successful release of Outer Wilds, developing a sequel is a risky decision.

Outer Wilds is a unique video game. It doesn't need a sequel to become better. Theoretically, Mobius Digital could endlessly release unique DLC to the game, satisfying players with new content necessary to keep the game alive.

The Echoes of the Eye DLC for Outer Wilds is the perfect example that confirms all these assumptions. It was released only as a downloadable expansion and did not draw much attention on social media, but many game fans consider Echoes of the Eye to be an actual sequel to the original game. Even though it takes place in the same universe as the original video game, it's far more expansive than your average DLC.

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Also, if you look for the latest Outer Wilds news, you will find out that it was ported to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S last year, meaning that the developers are still working on the game. With its unique atmosphere and content, players enjoy playing the game again and again, even on newer hardware.

The only way the developers could release a sequel for Outer Wilds is if they make a new game within this universe. Nowadays, this seems to be highly unrealistic. However, since the Echoes of the Eye DLC was released two years ago, we should expect some new info about the game soon.

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Top five things we want to see in Outer Wilds 2

The gaming community is actively discussing different ideas for Outer Wilds 2. Of course, most will never be implemented in the game. However, some of these ideas are worth the spot in the future DLCs, or a new game entirely. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out the top five things people want to see in Outer Wilds 2.

VR mode

It is pretty challenging to imagine a game that would work better with VR than Outer Wilds. As a result, a VR mode is one of the most frequently requested things for Outer Wilds 2. As many Outer Wilds players want the game to be more immersive, releasing a VR mode would perfectly fulfil these wishes. Another advantage of adding VR mode is that developers can quickly implement it even in the Outer Wilds as a separate DLC, especially given the new release of PS VR2.

More NPCs

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Another anticipated thing in Outer Wilds 2 is more unique NPCs. It would be best to add particular NPCs for every planet, so each area feels distinct. If all these alien creatures had voice acting too, it would make the galaxy feel even more diverse.

Increase map size

Outer Wilds features a massive universe that can include everything you might need, but many people want the open world of Outer Wilds 2 to be even bigger. Even though some gamers do not support this idea, most still want to get a bigger world in the Outer Wilds sequel.

Side quests

Many fans want more content to enjoy Outer Worlds 2 for even longer. It seems that side quests are the best option to make players’ wishes come true. The only nuance developers should take into account is that side quests should not affect the main storyline. Otherwise, the game will become unattractive for people who want to complete it fast.

Different planets

If you have played Outer Wilds for a long time, you probably know that the planets in this video game are more or less the same. They don't tend to differ in shape and other characteristics. Therefore, adding these crucial differences and other features for every planet would be best.

That’s it for our look at Outer Wilds 2. Even though the game is unlikely to be officially released in the next few years, many people hope to get Outer Wilds 2 soon. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free action games!

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