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Three characters in Metro Exodus.

Three characters in Metro Exodus.

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In this hub, you will find out the latest Metro 4 news and what we’d love to see in the new Metro game. The Metro series is renowned for being some of the best games in the post-apocalyptic genre. As such, rumours about a new entry in the series are widely discussed topics in the gaming community.

In this hub, we will run through all the leaks so far from the developers of the game, as well as our picks of what we'd like to see in a potential new Metro sequel.

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The winter location in Metro Exodus.
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Metro 4 latest news

First off, a new Metro game is unlikely to be called Metro 4. If you look at the previous Metro games, you might notice that they all have subtitles, such as Metro 2033, Metro Last Night, Metro Redux, and Metro Exodus. The games do not have straightforward enumeration. Therefore, the new game is unlikely to bear the name Metro 4.

The first informal announcement of the new Metro game was during the release of Metro Exodus. In his Instagram post, Dmitriy Glukhovsky, the author of the Metro books, mentioned that “The Metro gaming series will be continued. Working on the story.” Even though it was three years ago, many people still remember this announcement.

Considering how the Metro Exodus storyline ends, the main game hero is still alive. Moreover, he is going to tell other survivors that life on earth is still possible in another part of the world. Even this material is enough to make an assumption that there's more story to tell.

However, the release of a new Metro game soon seems to be extremely unlikely after the start of the war in Ukraine. That's because 4A Games is a team that includes mostly Ukrainian developers. Some joined the Ukraine armed forces, while other developers struggle to work on the new game due to electricity shutdowns and other problems in Ukraine caused by war.

Andrii Korzinkin, one of the leading animators of 4A Games who worked on Metro Exodus, passed away due to the war in Ukraine. They were killed during a defensive operation near Mykolaiv in September 2022.

Understandably, the development of a new Metro game is not the central thing to focus on for 4A Games right now. Therefore, it is impossible to chalk up a particular release date. Any continuation of the Metro series will not be released until the war in Ukraine is over.

When the situation finally calms down, the developers will require a few more years to develop the game, test it, and prepare for the release. If you stick to these facts, it becomes evident that the earliest release date for the new Metro game is 2025 at best.

Five things we would like to see in Metro 4

Even though the new Metro game is unlikely to be released soon, people are widely discussing changes they want to see. Below is a list of the top five things people expect to see in the newest Metro game.

Interesting storyline

The integral part of all Metro games is an exciting storyline. It always includes interaction with various NPCs over the world and going through many challenges to survive after the catastrophe.

Most Metro fans consider that the new Metro game has to feature an exciting storyline as its most prominent feature. We hope Dmitriy Glukhovsky and the other writers who work on the Metro game will come up with exciting ideas for the storyline in Metro 4.

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No bugs or glitches

Even though the desire to have no bugs and glitches might seem to be evident, it is one of the most widespread requests not only for the new Metro game but also for any new video game. Various bugs and glitches at the start of the game significantly worsen the reputation of the game. Therefore, 4A Games has to do great work to release the new game without significant problems. Otherwise, the project might appear unsuccessful.

Weapon customisation

Weapon customisation is one of the central requirements for the newest Metro game. Various attachments diversify the in-game experience, making the game more interesting as you switch up your arsenal. Fortunately, there are many modern and successful shooters with weapon customisation. So, 4A Games will easily find inspiration in other games.

Multiplayer features

Multiplayer and co-op modes sound like a dream for many Metro fans. Even though it is pretty hard to imagine a competitive multiplayer mode in Metro, you can find many ideas on how developers could implement multiplayer in the new Metro game through a co-op campaign. Whether 4A Games will implement it or not is a big question.

More dialogue

Dialogue between the player character and NPCs is always a highlight in the Metro games. It allows you to feel the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and become an integral part of the central story. Therefore, most Metro fans are waiting for the new conversations in a future Metro game. Moreover, it would be good to see multiple answers for dialogue, enabling each answer to change the main storyline.

That’s it for our look at Metro 4! Even though nowadays the development of this game has been stopped due to the war in Ukraine, the entire gaming industry hopes that the situation gets stabilised and we will be able to enjoy the new Metro game soon. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best fighting games.

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