League of Legends The Mageseeker - everything we know so far

magseeker investigator

magseeker investigator

Riot Games has had a major initiative over the past couple years to expand and flush out the world of League of Legends. They're doing this through things like Arcane, various visual novels and new story driven games through Riot Forge. Well inklings of a new one game have surfaced, so here's everything we know about League of Legends The Mageseeker.

The first standalone story driven game from Riot that we saw expand on the League of Legends universe was Ruined King, showing the story of how Viego was revived into the world. It was very well received and so there's a lot of expectation with this new one.

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League of Legends the Mageseeker - everything we know so far

13 January 2023

As far as The Mageseeker goes, we don't know all that much. We have though a tweet showing a leak from South Korea's Games Rating Committee.

According to the translation, the Mageseeker is a game where the player is Sylas, and is trying to save Demacia. This is entirely speculative information, and nothing has been confirmed by Riot at this point.

The lore behind the Mageseekers is that they're a Demacian organization that is tasked to suppress the use of magic in the country. Sylas was once a Mageseeker, but now has escaped and leads the Mage Rebellion.

We're not entirely sure how long the game is going to be, the art style or how the gameplay will be. We can probably guess that it'll be an RPG, but given that this is the first information about the game, that's all we can speculate at this point.

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