Hypercharge: Xbox Release Date Speculation, News, Gameplay, and More

Hypercharge: Release Date Speculation, News, Xbox Gameplay, and More

Hypercharge: Release Date Speculation, News, Xbox Gameplay, and More

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July 11, 2022: This tweet promised a release window if it hit certain metrics. It did and they followed up with their Xbox release window.

Although the game launched onto Steam a few years ago, fans have been looking forward to an Xbox Hypercharge release date for some time. Here's what we know so far.

Delivering both PvE and PvP play, Hypercharge is an interesting take on the shooter genre. Though it is still growing and changing, it has a lot of good things going for it right now.

If you want another popular shooter to play while you wait, check out The Cycle. If you're looking for a little more information. here's what we know about The Cycle coming to Xbox.

What Is the Hypercharge Release Date?

The game is currently already out and available to play on both PC and Nintendo Switch. You can play it through Steam or Epic Game Store on PC, giving you tonnes of ways to play. As it has been out since 2020, this has given the team a long time to polish up the game for a console release.

In a small competition, the team said they would give a release window if they got 50k followers on Twitter and their post got 10,000 retweets. It did and they announced plans to launch the game in Q1, 2023.

If you want to add yourself to their mailing list, you can click this link to sign up.

Hypercharge: Release Date Speculation, News, Xbox Gameplay, and More
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Is Hypercharge coming to Xbox?

As of right now, the Xbox launch of Hyperscape seems to be a big priority for the team. They are putting out brand new teasers and even getting people to sign up for all the latest information on the port. They clearly see a future here with the game.

Given there are already plans in place to bring the game to Xbox, getting Microsoft's attention could be a move to try and get included on Xbox Game Pass or get featured on the homepage.

The bigger the launch playerbase is, the better chance Hypercharge has of staying around long term. It's a smart move that could pay off if Xbox fans continue to support the game as much as they have.

How Many People Can Play Hypercharge?

Up until now, the game has primarily been a PvE experience. This pits you and three other friends against hordes of enemies. You essentially break out of your toy box and defend a battlefield that just so happens to be a toy store, garage, or bedroom.

There is a fully-fledged PvP mode too, focusing on 4v4 combat. This means that a maximum of 8 players can play one map of Hypercharge at any one time.

While the team behind in are fairly small, they have shown a willingness to listen to the community. It seems likely that, if the fans are looking for it, those PvP modes could see an increased playercount in the future. Just don't expect Battlefield 2042 levels of madness for a five-person strong team on an indie game budget.

Finding the right amount of players for each map is a delicate balance and the team is doing what it can to find that.

If you're looking for another shooter to play until then, here's what we know about Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 4 reloaded. We'll have more on Hypercharge as it nears a full release, but the latest Warzone season might as least tide you over.

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